TitleShield™ explains why Home Title Theft is simple and on the rise!

Founder of TitleShield™, who is a former real estate fraud prosecutor, explains how and why this is happening.
  • Fraudsters easily create believable forged deeds.
  • Americans lose $500 Million to $750 Million per year!
  • Title insurance does not notify you when a con artist tampers with your home title.

TitleShield™’s 5 Star Protection Process

Title Shield™ is a premium title protection service. Unlike our competitors, Title Shield™ does not merely monitor your home title. In addition to monitoring your home title, Title Shield™ proactively discourages fraudsters from targeting your home in the first place.

Property History Report

When you subscribe to TitleShield™ , you can view your complete title history immediately to check for fraudulent transfers. You can view this report anytime you want.

Title Monitoring Service

TitleShield™ monitors the status of your home title constantly, and if we discover evidence of fraud, we will notify you immediately.

Security Sign

When you subscribe, you will receive a TitleShield™ sign. Display it conspicuously in front of your home like home security sign to discourage fraudsters from targeting your home. Con artists want to finish their crime, launder their money, and cover their tracks before anybody notices something is wrong. The TitleShield™ sign will cause them to look for other potential homeowners to victimize.

Public Notice

On the TitleShield™ website, there is a searchable public database of the homes that we monitor. Because we know that con artists are lazy (otherwise they would have legitimate jobs), we know that they check our database before making any effort against homeowners. When they see that we have secured our member’s ownership status on the blockchain, they will look for other victims.

Attorney Referral

Only TitleShield™ offers you a network of attorneys ready to assist you. Each attorney will give you a free consultation and a substantial discount if you hire them.

Our Pricing Plan

Protect your equity for as little as


per month!


Percentage of Americans
who own homes


Value of homes owned
by older Americans


Combined home equity
of all Baby Boomers

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TitleShield™ alerts help you detect property fraud before it’s too late.

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