About Us


David Fleck and Allan Martia founded Veritable Data Solutions, Inc. with the mission to eliminate fraud in real estate transactions. In 2020, they launched the Veri-Lock™ Notary App to help notaries verify the identities of the signers of important documents and to prevent forgery. In 2021, they expect to launch the Veri-Lock™ Construction App prevent forged documents and to ensure that buildings are properly and safely constructed. Although TitleShield™ does not involve high technology like the apps, it is a natural companion to their other activities because it protects homeowners from home title theft, a devastating type of real estate fraud.

Our Team


David Fleck

Co-Founder & CEO

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Allan Martia

Co-Founder & COO

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Sourjya Banerjee

Chief Technology Officer

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Robert S. Broshears


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Steve Nuenighoff

Director of Sales

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