About TitleShield™ – Best Home Title Protection Company in USA


David Fleck and Allan Martia founded Veritable Data Solutions, Inc. with the mission to eliminate fraud in real estate transactions. In 2020, they launched the Veri-Lock™ Notary App to help notaries verify the identities of the signers of important documents and to prevent forgery. In 2021, they expect to launch the Veri-Lock™ Construction App prevent forged documents and to ensure that buildings are properly and safely constructed. Although TitleShield™ does not involve high technology like the apps, it is a natural companion to their other activities because it protects homeowners from home title theft, a devastating type of real estate fraud.

Our Team


David Fleck

Co-Founder & CEO

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Allan Martia

Co-Founder & COO

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Sourjya Banerjee

Chief Technology Officer

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Robert S. Broshears


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