It’s highly likely that your home is the most valuable possession you own – and when you receive unexpected alerts notifying court filings related to your home’s title it can be frightening, to say the least. Unfortunately, home title theft is a growing crime as scamsters can easily access property data online from public records. Here’s a closer look at why home title monitoring services like TitleShield™ and Home Title Lock are so important:

What is home title monitoring?

A home title monitoring is a subscription service that protects your home title from con artists. Home title theft is a growing crime where scamsters fraudulently replace your name on the home title with their name.

What happens when you subscribe to a home title protection service?

When you monitor your home title with a premier home title theft protection company like TitleShield™, you get to enjoy a myriad of benefits. Title Shield™ actively watches your home title’s status and court filings relating to it to protect you from title fraud. Your homeowner’s title insurance policy does not monitor your home title. Title Shield™ is the only early warning title monitoring service that is secured by cutting-edge blockchain technology. When you subscribe to TitleShield™, you can check your complete title history to check for any fraudulent activities. You can view this report anytime you want. If a change in your home title is detected, TitleShield™ immediately instructs you about the steps you must take. We have a network of attorneys who will  help you navigate through the circumstances.

Is home title theft protection necessary?

Once a con artist gets control of your home title, he/she can take out a loan, using your home as collateral or even sell it to unsuspecting buyers. A few counties have digitized their records, so you can check the status of your home title online. However, in most counties, you have to visit the County Clerk’s office to monitor your home title on their computers. With a TitleShield™ subscription, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that if any changes were made to your home title, you would be notified immediately. TitleShield™ checks your title consistently and makes the process convenient for a low price. Here’s a useful read on the benefits of home title monitoring services like TitleShield™ and Home Title Lock.

How is home title protection different from title insurance?

Home title theft protection gives homebuyers the safeguarding they need against the scamsters trying to commit deed fraud, whereas a title insurance is a preventative measure related to ownership rights. When you buy title insurance, title examiners inspect the history of your home to ensure that the title is free and clear of any legal issues or problems.

A title insurance policy doesn’t do anything to prevent a home title thief from targeting your home. As mentioned before, TitleShield™ monitors the status of your home title constantly, and if we discover any evidence of fraud, we will notify you immediately. In addition to constantly monitoring your home title, we discourage scamsters from targeting your home in the first place.

How TitleShield™ can protect homeowners?

We monitor our customers’ home title records for any changes related to ownership, liens and judgments, foreclosure activity, property tax delinquencies and more. If we notice any of these items appearing in the title records, we notify our customers immediately.


Home title monitoring is worth the price. A professional title monitoring company like TitleShield™ not only offers you protection but also helps you navigate the legal system if you receive an unexpected alert about change in property ownership, new lien, or foreclosure activity.

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Title Shield™ actively watches your home title to protect you from identity theft and title fraud. Your homeowner’s title insurance policy is important, but it does not notify you when fraud occurs. Title Shield™ is the only early warning title monitoring service that is secured by cutting-edge blockchain technology.

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