Home Title Fraud Protection Pricing Plans


Monthly Subscription - TitleShield™



$16.99 Billed Monthly

Monthly Subscription

  • FREE title history report
  • Deed, mortgage and lien monitoring
  • Real-time alerts of changes to your title
  • Expert title fraud response team
  • Blockchain security

shield plus

Annual Subscription - TitleShield™



$169 Billed Annually

Annual Subscription


All features of Monthly, plus…
  • 30-day free trial
  • 2 FREE copies of your deeds
  • Discounted legal review of your title insurance policy

shield max

Lifetime Subscription - TitleShield™



$899 Billed Once

Lifetime Subscription


All features of Annual, plus…
  • Best Price per month*
  • 5 FREE copies of your deeds
  • One-time transfer to a different property
  • FREE legal review of your title insurance policy
  • FREE security sign for yard
  • FREE consultation with Chief Fraud Counsel**

*To calculate the effective monthly rate of the Lifetime subscription, we divided the price ($899) by the length of a 30-year mortgage (360 months).

*With the Lifetime subscription, you receive a free consultation with David Fleck, CEO and Chief Fraud Counsel, if you are a victim of deed fraud.

Compare Plans

  TitleShield™ Major Competitor
Monitors for Ownership Changes Yes Yes
Monitors for Foreclosure Activity Yes No
Monitors for New Liens Yes No
Monitors for Tax Delinquencies Yes No
Protected with blockchain technology Yes No
Designed by Home Title Fraud Litigation Experts Yes No
Deters Home Title Thieves Yes No
Home Security Sign Yes No
Public Notice of Protection Yes No
Monthly Newsletter Yes No
Access to Discounted Legal Services Yes No
Focused on Protecting You Yes No
Focused on Making Money No Yes
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