Who It’s For

Anybody who owns a home can be a victim of home title thieves. There are three factors that make a home more appealing to these real estate con artists

Home Equity

Home Equity

The more equity that there is in a home, the more appealing it is to a home title thief because the scam involves fewer steps. Nonetheless, low home equity does not stop the most clever con artists. Our CEO, David Fleck, has personally battled a fraudster, who used fake foreclosures to make it appear that there was 100% equity in a home, and who then proceeded to use additional documents to steal all of the nonexistent equity. 


Age of the Homeowner

Older homeowners are more likely to have paid off their mortgages and to have 100% home equity, which looks like a pot of gold to a con artist. Further, as we all get older, we become less and less able to manage our affairs as we did when we are younger, which means we are less likely to notice the activity of a home title thief before it is too late. Lastly, many elderly homeowners are lonely, and when the con artist starts up a conversation with them, the homeowner is happy to speak with them. The fraudster then seizes that opportunity to gain their trust, which is a necessary element of any con game. 



Con artists don’t want to be discovered during the commission of their crime. A vacant house – such as a second home or vacation home – is a prime target because nobody is paying attention. In many circumstances, the homeowner only picks up the mail periodically, which enables to con artist to steal any mail that might notify the homeowner of the fraudulent activities.

Who needs TitleShield™


People who need TitleShield™ include:

  • Any homeowner.
  • Any senior homeowner.
  • Any adult child of a senior homeowner.
  • Any owner of a second home that is often vacant.
  • Anybody who is remodeling their home.
  • Anybody who is building a house.
  • Anybody with a lien on a home.
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